Family Therapy

At SandyPines Residential Treatment Center, we believe that family involvement in your child’s treatment program is an integral component of their welll-being and recovery. We provide information and resources for families and work with you to ensure your ability to fully participate in family therapy sessions.

Programs & Services at Sandy Pines Residential Treatment Center

The Importance of Family Participation

Family therapy occurs once a week, or more often if indicated, with a master’s level or licensed clinician. Participation in family therapy is of the utmost importance to assist in preparing the child and family for readiness of discharge and transition back home. Research shows that outcomes are much more favorable when the family has been an integral part of the child’s treatment. SandyPines takes a holistic approach when addressing family dynamics. The importance of participation in family therapy is made very clear to the parents/guardians prior to admission, again at admission and throughout the treatment episode. Most, if not all, insurance companies require the families to participate in therapy while their child is placed in this facility.

For the families’ convenience, SandyPines offers video teleconferencing or conference call services for families that cannot consistently drive to the facility due to distance. However, it has been our observation and experience that outcomes are much more favorable when the family consistently attends sessions in person.