Just for Kids Program

Children face many challenges that can impact their mental well-being. If severe behavioral, mental or emotional health issues are affecting your child’s life, SandyPines Residential Treatment Center can help. We combine evidence-based treatments with special services that support your child’s well-being and development.

Programs & Services at Sandy Pines Residential Treatment Center

Residential Mental Health Facility for Children: Why Choose Us?

Just for Kids delivers high-quality psychiatric residential treatment for children. We offer a secure environment designed especially for patients ages 5 to 12. Services meet or exceed national guidelines, helping us maintain The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval®. Read more about us.

Highlights of our program include:

  • High-volume program: SandyPines is one of Florida’s largest pediatric residential mental health facilities. Families turn to us because we know how to connect with children and help them heal. Our depth of experience draws patients from nearby communities and other states. Read more information for families.
  • Positive results: Children hesitant to receive care at SandyPines are often glad they did. They report high satisfaction with their Just for Kids experience. Patients also consistently feel better at discharge than admission. View recent patient satisfaction scores.
  • Collaboration: At SandyPines, your child receives care from psychiatrists, mental health therapists, recreational therapists and other professionals. Additional services for substance use disorders are also available.
  • Coordination: We take extra steps to help your child and family have a seamless experience. Case managers work with other staff to tailor services that are responsive to your child’s changing needs. As your child’s discharge date approaches, we help your family schedule appointments with providers in your community.

Psychiatric Residential Treatment for Children

At SandyPines, we are mindful of the unique ways children experience mental health issues. We want your child to feel welcome and at ease while they’re here. From facility décor to daily schedules and communication style, we designed Just for Kids to help your child thrive.

Child-friendly services and amenities include:

  • Accredited education services:On weekdays, children undergo six hours of schooling in on-site classrooms through Riverbend Academy. Licensed Martin County School District teachers provide these services. Read more about educational programs.
  • Recreational therapy: Your child participates in age-appropriate activities that promote healing. Therapy may include music, yoga and crafts. During the summer, recreational therapists keep children busy with programming that changes weekly, including themed events, competitions and prizes. Explore recreational therapy.
  • Activities: Learning and healing are hard work, so your child’s schedule includes plenty of time to be a kid. We offer a swimming pool, playground, jungle gym with turf and playroom with many toys. Staff also coordinate outings to a nearby beach, nature-based activities and more.
  • Family time: Your child has several opportunities to stay in contact with you during treatment. We encourage them to call home twice a week. Weekend visits and family therapy sessions are also available. Explore family involvement programs.

Evidence-Based Treatment Approaches for Children

Our residential mental health facility uses a trauma-informed approach to care. This method acknowledges that trauma impacts your child’s thoughts and actions in ways they might not understand. We respond with unconditional positive regard. Staff strive to help your child feel heard while also helping correct negative behaviors.

We recognize your child’s therapeutic accomplishments throughout the day using a reward system. Your child earns tokens for positive behaviors that they can exchange twice a week for comfort items and fun experiences. Get more information about A Balanced Day Positive Reinforcement Program.