Activities Therapy

The Activity Therapy Department at SandyPines Residential Treatment Center provides a variety of therapeutic activities and experiences to all residents.

Programs & Services at Sandy Pines Residential Treatment Center

What To Know About Activities Therapy

The experiences provided in activities therapy are age appropriate and may range from project groups and physical activity groups to more process-oriented groups. In these groups, the resident is given the opportunity to explore their interests, talents and sense of self. They learn a wide range of interpersonal and social skills. The resident is allowed to express their feelings through a variety of artistic, creative and expressive activities in a supportive and secure environment. We believe activity is an integral part of normal living and the agent through which human beings learn and grow—activity groups require involvement thus teaching a sense of self as a contributing participant.

Minimally, each resident participates in once weekly structured creative therapy groups. In addition to the formal structured groups, informal groups and activities are planned throughout a resident’s stay to coincide with holidays, special events and school breaks. For example, our creative therapy department hosts an annual Halloween party—in conjunction with a costume parade—complete with outfitting each resident with their own costume. During the summer months when summer school is not in session, the creative therapy department facilitates a structured summer camp program. During school breaks, various activities such as volleyball tournaments are scheduled. The above-mentioned activities are merely examples and not all-inclusive.

In addition to groups and holiday activities, the creative therapy department is responsible for facilitating therapeutic outings. Therapeutic outings occur on a weekly basis for all residents on level three and above and who are deemed safe by the treatment team and on a bi-monthly basis for all residents on level four and who are deemed safe by the treatment team. All residents on level four are offered the opportunity to participate in both level three and level four outings. Some examples of level three outings include trips to the park or the beach with a picnic lunch or pizza, trips to museums, paddle boarding and attendance at local plays or shows, while examples of level four outings may include dinner in a restaurant and/or a movie.