For Families

At SandyPines, we strongly believe in the importance of family involvement in the treatment process and encourage it when possible. To this end, we provide useful resources such as visitation information and nearby hotels for families to stay in during their loved one’s stay with us.

Programs & Services at Sandy Pines Residential Treatment Center

Visitation Information

We encourage visiting and family interaction. You may visit your child in a supervised area on Saturday and Sunday from 1:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Visitors are limited to parents, guardians and immediate family members who are on the approved visitor list. Visitors under the age of three are not permitted. Only three visitors are permitted at one time. All visiting will take place in designated areas within the facility. Visitors must bring identification with them in order for the visit to occur. Cameras and/or recording devices are not permitted in the facility. All items brought in for your child must be left at the front desk for safety purposes.

Resident Handbook

Area Hotels

If you’d like to stay near SandyPines Residential Treatment Center, here are just a few of the hotels we like to suggest: