Substance Abuse

Watching your child struggle with substance use can be an incredibly difficult experience for parents. Our substance abuse treatment for children and adolescents helps put your loved one on the path to long term sobriety and recovery.

Programs & Services at Sandy Pines Residential Treatment Center

Child & Adolescent Treatment

All residents age 12 and older are assessed by the Certified Addictions Counselor (CAC) who utilizes the Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory (SASSI) assessment tool. Treatment focuses on the stages of change, origins and triggers for use and relapse prevention planning. SandyPines utilizes the Stages of Change Model in assessing and starting from an appropriate position for the resident, in reference to their feelings regarding their use. We also employ motivational interviewing techniques, which is also an evidenced-based model.

Therapy modalities utilized include education and prevention and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with incorporation of the 12-step model. Twice weekly groups are facilitated in addition to weekly AA/NA meetings. The CAC may also provide individual sessions with the resident depending on their assessment needs. This therapy would be in addition to individual and family therapy with the residents’ assigned primary therapist. During a resident’s transition phase, they may be encouraged and/or expected to attend 12-step meetings while on transitional passes to reinforce what is being learned in the facility, in the community setting. Residents are strongly encouraged to obtain a sponsor while on transitional passes prior to discharge to strengthen the discharge plan and increase the resident’s potential to maintain their sobriety following discharge.